Create new payment

It is possible to choose between payment methods with a bank slip, credit card, Pix, or allow the customer to choose the desired method.

Payments Guide

Check out the payment guide for more information.

Create installment payment

Check out the guide to create installment payments.


It is not possible to generate a billing with two different billingTypes (PIX and CREDIT_CARD, for example).

If you do not want to receive payment via Pix or Debit Card, it is possible to disable it within your interface at My Account > Configuration > System Settings.

If you want to disable it in white label sub-accounts, get in touch with our integration team.


CONFIRMED Status in Pix billings for individuals

The CONFIRMED status can be available in Pix billings from individual accounts in case of billings that undergo precautionary blocking and require analysis from the prevention area. The maximum blocking period is 72 hours, and the billing will change to RECEIVED status if accepted or REFUNDED if denied.

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