Our API offers complete control of Pix functionalities, such as Pix key generation, receiving through dynamic and static QR Codes, in addition to sending money (payments) through Pix key, banking details, and QR Codes.

This section of our documentation focuses on guiding you in receiving via Pix. To understand how to make money transfers (payments), check the transfers section.

There are three ways to receive via Pix:


When receiving a payment through the Pix key or a static QrCode, a client and a payment will be automatically created to record that payment in your account.

Receiving payments and transfers via Pix

The first step to receiving payments or transfers via Pix is to create a Pix key in your account.


This is a functionality that will only be enabled after your account is 100% approved, and the proof of life has been carried out.

Creating a Pix key

Currently, through the API, it is possible to create only random keys (EVP). Remember that there is a restriction on the number of keys each account can create: 5 for individuals and 20 for legal entities.

POST /v3/pix/addressKeys
Check the complete reference of this endpoint

  "type": "EVP",


Due to limitations applied by the Central Bank of Brasil, you must wait 1 minute between each key created for an account.

The Central Bank of Brasil also applies the key limits per account as mentioned above.