With our API, you can automate your billing, receipt, and payment processes easily and securely, using various payment methods: Pix, bank slip, credit or debit card, and TED.

To start the process of creating payments, follow these initial steps

  1. Create a customer, from which you will have access to the customer id, essential for creating payments;
  2. Create your payment in the format you desire, check out the guides:
    1. Payments via bank slip
    2. Payments via Pix
    3. Payments via credit card
  3. You can also create payments where your customer chooses the payment method.
  4. You can use our payment integration as a transparent checkout, sending all information via the back-end to the API, using the Invoice screen (thus also accepting payment with Debit Card), or using the creation of Payment Link.
    1. You can also use automatic redirection after payment on Invoices and Payment Links.

Payments notifications

As an optional step, you can configure the notifications your customer will receive. Notifications can be sent by email, SMS, and WhatsApp, including:

  1. Notice of payment received
  2. Notice 10 days before the due date
  3. Notice on the due date
  4. Notice of overdue payment
  5. Notice every 7 days after expiration
  6. Notice of payment updated
  7. Digitable line on the due date