Create new customer


To create a billing, you first need to create the customer to whom it will belong. You should use the ID returned in this request when creating the billing.

If you send the postalCode of the customer, it is not necessary to send the city, province, and address attributes, as Asaas will automatically fill in these details based on the ZIP code you provided. In these cases, only send postalCode and addressNumber.

In the city field, an identifier is returned. If you want to obtain the name and other information of the city, you should make the following request using this identifier:



The system allows the creation of duplicate customers. Therefore, if you do not want to allow this, it is necessary to implement validation before creating the customer. You can check the existence of the customer in the List Customers.


If your customer is foreign, you will need to contact your Account Manager to request the release in your foreign customer creation record.



The sending and receiving of email and SMS notifications work normally in Sandbox. Therefore, you should not create customers with real emails and phones or random numbers like (51) 9999-9999. To test the receipt of notifications, you can use your own emails and phones.

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