Get QR Code for payments via Pix


Receiving payments via Pix is a fast, effective, and secure way for your company to collect payments from your customers. When generating a billing with the payment methods PIX, BOLETO, or UNDEFINED, Pix payment is enabled. One of the biggest advantages of this payment method is that it occurs instantly, meaning that as soon as the payment is made, the balance is made available in your Asaas account. You can read more about Pix here.

To generate a Pix QR Code in Asaas, you need to create a key, which is done through Creating a Pix key.


  • The generated QR Code is dynamic with an expiration date.
  • The QR Code expires 12 months after the due date.
  • It can be printed or made available in documents since the values are checked at the time of QR Code reading. For example, printing on a billing or payment vouchers.
  • It can only be paid once.



Currently, it is possible to generate an immediate payment dynamic Pix QR Code without having a Pix key registered in Asaas. This QR Code will be linked to a partner institution where Asaas has a registered key. Any QR Code obtained this way can be paid until 23:59 of the same day. With each update to your billing, a new QR Code must be obtained. However, this functionality will be discontinued in the future, and a notice will be sent 30 days in advance. Therefore, we recommend registering your Pix key at Creating a Pix key.

To generate/retrieve the QR Code of a billing, you need to provide the billing ID that Asaas returned at the time of its creation. As a return, you will obtain the QR Code (returned in an image in Base 64 format), a Payload to allow Pix Copy and Paste, and until when the QR Code will be valid.

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