Payment split is a feature that allows splitting amounts received through payments between one or several wallets (Asaas accounts) automatically.


  • Payment split is an exclusive feature of the Asaas API, and cannot be used or managed through the website;
  • If the charge is being used as a guarantee in a credit operation, even if at another financial institution, the split cannot be performed;
  • To perform the split, it is necessary to have the walletId of all parties involved in the split. The walletId is automatically returned in the creation of subaccounts and can also be retrieved via request if you have the API key of the target account.

For example, consider the following hypothetical scenario: John makes a sale of BRL 200.00, and Marcelo should receive 20% of the sale value. In this case, the charge should be created in John's account (since he made the sale or provided the service), and through the Split settings, it will be indicated that Marcelo should receive 20% of the charge value. In this way, upon registering the receipt of the charge, Asaas will debit these 20% of the charge value from John's account and credit the 20% in Marcelo's account.


The value of the split will always be made on the netValue, which is the value of the charge minus the applied fee values.

When setting up the Split, it is possible to inform both a fixed value and a percentage of the charge. In the case of a percentage, the amount to be transferred is calculated based on the net value (after Asaas's fee discount) of the charge. In the case of a chargeback, the Split will also be reversed, i.e., all accounts that received the balance of the said charge will have the transfer reversed.

What do I need to use the split?

To split charges, you need to have the walletId of all Asaas accounts involved in the transaction.


There is no limit to the number of walletIds to be sent in the split. The limitation will always be the total net value of the charge in cases of fixed values and the distribution of 100% in splits in percentage values.


The walletId is returned by Asaas at the moment of account creation via API. If you haven't stored it or the account was not created via API, access our section recover walletId for more details on how to obtain it.


You should not indicate your own wallet (walletId) when performing a split. All net difference that was not directed via split will automatically be credited to the issuer of the charge. If the own wallet is sent in the request, the API will return an exception.

Split Status

The available status for Splits are:


If the status of the Split is REFUSED, the refusalReason field will also be filled:

  • RECEIVABLE_UNIT_AFFECTED_BY_EXTERNAL_CONTRACTUAL_EFFECT: Split not executed due to the existence of contractual effects.