White label

Asaas offers a comprehensive API solution for creating subaccounts.

This process allows you to create Asaas accounts for your own customers so that each of them can have their own account, issue charges in their own name, and have individualized management over all payments. With White Label, you can enjoy various Asaas features:

  • Creation of charges for Pix, card, and boleto payments;
  • Creation of carnets;
  • Recurring payments (subscriptions);
  • Anti-fraud system on all transactions;
  • Invoice automation;
  • Fees applied only upon invoice settlement;
  • Receivables anticipation;
  • Payment links;
  • Bill payments;
  • And much more!

If you want to offer your clients the ability to perform financial services within your website or application, you need to know about White Label integration. This way, your customer never leaves your platform at any point and does not see the Asaas brand, only yours. The use and control will be 100% conducted through your own website or application, without your customer needing to leave your environment to access our platform at any time.

In a standard scenario, when creating a subaccount, Asaas will send a welcome email to the created account's email, along with a link to set the password and subsequently access our dashboard.

However, with White Label integration enabled, the created account will not receive any notice or communication. This way, you can develop all the control and management tools on your own site or application using our powerful API, since your customer will not have access at any time to the Asaas account for management or monitoring of information. It is therefore up to the integrator to develop all the control and management tools on their own site/application, since your customer will not have access to our dashboard.


The White Label format needs to be previously aligned and implemented by your account manager. Creating Asaas accounts using the methods listed below without a prior definition of operation in White Label format will result in the creation of subaccounts outside this structure.

In Sandbox, to test, just contact Support and request activation.