Transfer to Asaas account

Requests a new transfer to an Asaas account. It's necessary to have the walletId of the destination Asaas account returned at the time of its creation.

POST /v3/transfers/
Check out the complete reference for this endpoint

  "value": 1000.00,
  "walletId": "0021c712-d963-4d86-a59d-031e7ac51a2e"

Generally, transfers between Asaas accounts are effected immediately, with the balance available for use in the destination account.

The walletId is returned by Asaas at the time of the account creation via API. If you have not stored it, access our section retrieve walletId for more details on how to obtain it.



  • It is not possible to make transfers from one Asaas account to other Asaas accounts without a link to yours.
  • If necessary, contact our technical support.