How to test features

Testing credit card payment

For credit card charges, you can use test cards to simulate a direct payment through the endpoints to create a charge with a credit card. Here is an example of a valid card:

Credit card: 4444 4444 4444 4444

Expiration: Any month after today's date

CCV: 123 (or any other 3 random numbers)

You can also use credit card generators for tests. All of these will work and confirm the payment.

To test payments with errors, use the cards below:

Mastercard: 5184019740373151

Visa: 4916561358240741

Testing bill payment

If you want to test bill payment in Sandbox, it is possible to make the call using the barcode of any boleto that has been generated in your own Asaas account in the Sandbox environment.

Testing Pix transfers

BACEN provides some Pix keys for transfer tests which you can use in Sandbox:

Name: Joao Silva 
CPF/CNPJ 99991111140
Key: [email protected]
Bank Virtual Messaging 04 (99999004)
ACCOUNT 12345678 CACC)

Name: Joao Silva Silva 
CPF/CNPJ 99992222263
Key: [email protected]
Bank Virtual Messaging 04 (99999004)
ACCOUNT 11345678 (CACC)

Name: Jose Silva
CPF/CNPJ 99993333387
Key: [email protected]
Bank Virtual Messaging 04 (99999004)
ACCOUNT 12145678 (CACC)

Name: Jose Silva Silva
CPF/CNPJ 99994444409
Key: [email protected]
Bank Virtual Messaging 04 (99999004)
ACCOUNT 12315678 (CACC)

Name: Jose da Silva
CPF/CNPJ 99995555514
Key: [email protected]
Bank Virtual Messaging 04 (99999004)
ACCOUNT 12341678 (CACC)

Is it possible to disable the critical action token for transfers in Sandbox?

If you need, we can disable the token for transfers in Sandbox. However, it is important for you to know that the TOKEN is a security validation and, in its absence, the account may become more susceptible to inappropriate actions. We suggest, if you have some specific IP or IPs that move the account, to restrict so that only these are allowed and if the Asaas system identifies action from any other IP, it will block the action. You can also use our mechanism for validation of transfers by Webhook, for greater security.

To make this request, send an email to the Integration Success team.