Split in anticipated payments

If you decide to anticipate charges that have applied splits, it's important to pay attention to some rules for using both features.

Split in Fixed Values

When anticipating charges with split in fixed values, at the time of defining the split values, it is necessary to observe that the maximum amount to be applied as split will be the net value of the charge, already deducting the Asaas fees and also the advance fees.

If the configured split value exceeds the final amount to be received after the advance, it will not be possible to proceed with the anticipation request on Asaas.

Split in Percentage Values

When anticipating charges with split in percentage values, Asaas will calculate the amount to be applied as split based on the final net amount that will be received after the anticipation.

That is, the final anticipated credit amount will be the basis for calculating the percentage.

For example, if there's a 100% split configured on a charge that was anticipated, all the amount received after the credit of the anticipation will be applied as split following the percentage rule.