Additional Security Mechanisms

Use the mechanisms below for added security in your account.

In addition to the API key used to authenticate your requests, we have additional mechanisms that provide extra layers of security for your account. We recommend using at least one of them, and if possible both. Get to know them below.

IP Whitelisting

This mechanism allows you to define IPs from which we will accept requests using your API key.

Any request received from an IP not contained in the whitelist will be rejected with an HTTP 403 response. Therefore, even if your key is compromised, unless the requests originate from your infrastructure, they will be rejected.

You can define your list of whitelisted IPs by going to User Menu > Integrations > Security Mechanisms .

Transfer Authorization Webhook

  • By enabling this mechanism, all transfers requested in your account will trigger a webhook to your system to validate their legitimacy. Therefore, unless your system recognizes the transfer as legitimate, it will be canceled. For more details on using this mechanism, access the documentation.