What can be tested?

Some features are not available in Sandbox, check below what can and cannot be tested in Sandbox:

DescriptionCan it be tested?
Creation of customers
List customers
Retrieve a single customer
Update customers
Deletion of customers
Restore removed customer
Creation of payment
Creation of with credit card
Create a installment payment
Create payment with split
Retrieve a single payment
List payments
Update existing payment
Tokenization of credit card
Remove payment
Restore removed payment
Get boleto's barcode
Boleto layout with Pix QR Code
Get PIX QR Code
Confirm cash receipt
Undo cash receipt confirmation
Upload payment documents
Update a payment document's settings
List/Retrieve payment documents
Delete a payment document
Apply discounts, interest, and fines on boleto/Pix
List/Retrieve installments
Remove installment
Chargeback installment
Create subscription
List/Retrieve subscriptions
List charges of a subscription
Create subscription with credit card
Update subscription
Remove subscriptions
List billing invoices of a subscription
Create settings for invoice issuance
Update settings for invoice issuance
Retrieve settings for invoice issuance
Remove settings for invoice issuance
Payment Link
Create a payment link
Update a payment link
Retrieve a payment link
List payment links
Remove a payment link
Restore a payment link
Add an image to a payment link
Retrieve payment link image
List payment link images
Remove payment link image
Set main image for payment link
Update existing notification
Batch update existing notification
Email notifications
SMS notifications
WhatsApp notifications
Transfer to ASAAS account
Bank transfer via TED
Bank transfer via PIX
Transfer to another PIX key⚠️ - Transfers to existing keys in sandbox are possible
Retrieve a single transfer
List transfers
Request advance
Simulate advance
Retrieve/List advances
Debt Collections
Create a debt collection
Simulate a debt collection
Retrieve debt collection
List debt collections
Resend documents
Cancel debt collections
Bill Payment
Create a bill payment
Simulate a bill payment
List/Retrieve bill payments
Cancel bill payment
Mobile Recharges
Request recharge
Serasa Consultation
Perform consultation
Retrieve a consultation
List consultations
Retrieve statement
Financial Information
Retrieve account balance
Charge statistics
Retrieve split values
Account Information and Customization
Retrieve commercial data
Retrieve WalletId
Save invoice customization
Retrieve customization settings
Retrieve ASAAS account number
Schedule invoice
Update invoice
Retrieve an invoice
List invoices
Issue an invoice
Cancel an invoice
List municipal services
Tax Information
List municipal settings
Create and update tax information
Retrieve tax information
Create a key
Retrieve a single transaction
List transactions
Cancel a scheduled transaction
Create a static QRCode
Decode a QRCode
Pay a QRCode
List keys
Retrieve a single key
Remove key
Webhook Configuration
Create or update Webhook setting
Retrieve settings
Asaas Account/Subaccounts
Create account
List accounts
Sending documents via link (white label)⚠️ — Manual approval request needed for integration success team