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With our API, in addition to accessing a complete Digital Account, you can automate your billing, receiving, and payment processes easily and securely, using various payment methods: Pix, bank slip, credit and debit card, and TED. Additionally, we offer several features to boost your business: automatic notifications, payment link, payment split, subscription management, credit card vault, receivables anticipation, webhooks, and much more.

We are a Payment Institution and SCD authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil. We are also PCI-DSS certified, ensuring more security in your transactions.

In this documentation, you will find guides and examples to assist you in the integration process and address any doubts during development.

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Payment Flow

Start step by step, from creating a customer and proceed to create payments.


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Status Page

You can check the availability of our services through our Status page. It can be accessed at https://status.asaas.com/


If even after reading the documentation you still have doubts or encounter any issue, contact our integration success team.