The Sandbox is a testing environment where you can receive fictitious payments and test your integrations and Webhooks. This way, you can have more security when switching to production.


You can create a Sandbox account here:

Just follow the normal flow as if you were creating an Asaas account, and after finishing, generate a unique API Key for your Sandbox account.

The system is a copy of Asaas with some differences to make testing easier:

  • Accounts are approved automatically, you just need to follow the account approval flow and submit any image as a document;
  • Confirm payments with just one click and the balance will be credited to your account;
  • Confirm credit card payments by informing fictitious valid card numbers;



Sending and receiving email and SMS notifications work normally in Sandbox. Therefore, you should not create clients with real emails and cell phones or random numbers like (51) 9999-9999. To test the receipt of notifications, you can use your own emails and cell phones.

However, not everything can be tested in Sandbox. Check the section "What can be tested?" for functionalities that do not yet have tests in Sandbox.

Development and testing environment

It is highly recommended that you use the Sandbox for all your testing. To do this, you must first create an account in the Sandbox environment. After creating the account, you can generate your Sandbox API key and replace the API URL in your calls, as described below: