Installing the plugin

This manual contains all the necessary information for the setup and correct use of the Asaas Plugin, allowing Asaas to be used as a payment gateway for sales processed by WooCommerce.

The plugin will make available the following payment methods in your store:

  • Boleto (single payment and installment);
  • Pix (single payment);
  • Credit card (single payment and installment).


For the correct functioning of our Plugin and to ensure compatibility with all future updates, we recommend that your store be on the following minimum versions:

  • PHP: 7.0 or higher;
  • WordPress: 4.4 or higher;
  • WooCommerce: 5.0 or higher.


  • Transparent checkout (Your customer makes the payment without leaving your site);
  • CPF/CNPJ validation (The plugin itself validates if the document number provided is valid);
  • Plug & Play (Installation and configuration in a few clicks);
  • Interest on installment payments (Apply your own interest settings);
  • Diversified payment methods (Configure which payment methods you want to offer your customers).

Installing the Asaas Plugin

Installing the Asaas Plugin is simple!

On the Plugins page, just search for "Asaas" and you will identify the plugin "Asaas Payment Method for WooCommerce". Then, just click on Install now.

After it's installed, just click on "Activate".

The download can also be made through the official WordPress Plugins site, including older versions.


Activate the automatic update of the plugin

It is important to keep the automatic update of the Asaas Plugin for WooCommerce active to always use the most current version of the plugin and avoid potential integration problems.

Secondary Plugins

For the correct functioning of the Asaas Plugin, it will be necessary to install two additional plugins on your WordPress:

  • WooCommerce: a plugin that creates the concept of a virtual store on your site. Through it, you will register your products (physical or virtual), create inventory, values, shopping cart, etc.
  • Brazilian Market on WooCommerce: a plugin that will create necessary fields in the checkout form for sales in Brazilian territory (CPF, CNPJ, Telephone, Address, ZIP Code, etc.

Upon installing the Asaas Plugin, a message will already be displayed on your Plugins screen requesting the installation of the two plugins mentioned above.