Invoices events

You can use webhooks so your system is notified about changes that occur in invoices. The events that Asaas notifies are:

  • INVOICE_CREATED - Creation of a new invoice.
  • INVOICE_UPDATED - Changes to an invoice.
  • INVOICE_SYNCHRONIZED - Invoice sent to the city hall.
  • INVOICE_AUTHORIZED - Invoice issued.
  • INVOICE_PROCESSING_CANCELLATION - Invoice processing cancellation.
  • INVOICE_CANCELED - Invoice canceled.
  • INVOICE_CANCELLATION_DENIED - Invoice cancellation denied.
  • INVOICE_ERROR - Invoice with error.

Example of JSON to be received [POST]

The notification consists of a POST containing a JSON, as in this example:

    "event": "INVOICE_CREATED",
    "invoice": {
        "object": "invoice",
        "id": "inv_000000000232",
        "status": "SCHEDULED",
        "customer": "cus_000000002750",
        "type": "NFS-e",
        "statusDescription": null,
        "serviceDescription": "Invoice for Invoice 101940. \nService Description: ANALYSIS AND DEVELOPMENT OF SYSTEMS",
        "pdfUrl": null,
        "xmlUrl": null,
        "rpsSerie": null,
        "rpsNumber": null,
        "number": null,
        "validationCode": null,
        "value": 300,
        "deductions": 0,
        "effectiveDate": "2018-07-03",
        "observations": "Monthly regarding June's work.",
        "estimatedTaxesDescription": "",
        "payment": "pay_145059895800",
        "installment": null,
        "taxes": {
            "retainIss": false,
            "iss": 3,
            "cofins": 3,
            "csll": 1,
            "inss": 0,
            "ir": 1.5,
            "pis": 0.65
        "municipalServiceCode": "1.01",
        "municipalServiceName": "Analysis and development of systems"

  • With the introduction of new products and functionalities within Asaas, it's possible that new attributes may be included in the Webhook. It is very important that your code is prepared not to generate exceptions if Asaas returns new attributes not handled by your application, as this could interrupt the synchronization queue.

  • We will send an email and notify on our Discord when new fields are included in the Webhook. The notification will be sent to the email defined in the webhook settings.